Have a look through these common queries and if you need to contact us you'll find the information at the bottom.

Why use Medellín Classifieds?

The online classified market is already a crowded one so you might be asking what's the difference between this site and other established sites such as OLX, Craiglist and Mercado Libre. In terms of the things that expats are looking for the current experience feels quite fractured - there's one site for one thing, a facebook group for another, a different site in Spanish for something else. We wanted to bring everything together in one place.

The main advantage of Medellin Classifieds is that it comes from within the Medellin expat community and therefore it can be entirely focused on the needs of the expats we intend to serve. We are a small team, but we are agile and we get things done quickly. We can develop the site to meet the community's specific requirements; tailor the site based on the feedback we receive. We listen and respond!

Some other benefits of using this site are as follows:

  • We encourage ads to be posted in English - helpful for those still getting to grips with their Spanish
  • Authors can edit and deactivate their adverts at any time
  • Ads can be rerun after they have expired with one click (no re-writing it all over again)
  • Receive email alerts for your favorite categories or events
  • Each advert has its own unique web address so it can be easily promoted elsewhere
  • No comment spam/trolling
  • Efficient search facility
  • Those without Facebook can access
  • Rapid support with a real human being if you need it!

How many ads can I post per day?

Up to 5.

How do upgraded (pinned) adverts work?

You can upgrade your advert by pinning it to the top of the listings (and search results) for 5 days and the cost for this is $5 USD. The upgraded advert will appear at the top with any other upgraded adverts (ordered by date posted) for 5 days from the date of payment. After 5 days the advert will lose it's pinned status but will remain on the site for however many days are remaining of the advert's life span. An advert can be pinned at any time during the 60 day advert cycle, either when first posting the advert or by editing the advert mid-cycle.

How many photos can I upload?

You may post up to 5 pictures free of charge for every advert posted. There is a small fee to cover our hosting costs for uploading more than 5 pictures. For $1 USD you increase your picture limit to 10 or for up to 15 photos the cost is $2 USD.

You currently cannot upload more than 15 pictures per advert but hopefully as we grow we can increase this limit in future.

How can I get in contact?

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours.